Juniper string winder

Handmade string winder made from juniper (ялівець) and ebony tree. An addition there is rosewood.

The string winder is not specially coated with any varnish, it is polished clean wood so that you can feel the aroma of juniper. The rest of the wood is all the leftovers from making guitars, i.e. somewhere a guitar made from the same blank is playing. You can see rosewood, ebony, juniper itself and some mahogany. I would like to tell you a little about the history of purchasing the juniper for this work. Back in 2001, in the free Crimea, I bought a juniper stand for brewing tea. It was assumed that a warm kettle would warm up the juniper, which in turn would scent the entire room. It really worked that way, but the heat caused the stand to come apart. As a result, these blanks lay with me all these decades, since I can’t raise my hand to just throw away the wood. Especially wood with special properties. And juniper still smells very intense. And every time you pick it up, you will be able to smell the smell of free, clean Crimea.