Handmade String winder

Changing guitar strings can be so annoying because it requires a long time to turn the pegs of the tuning mechanism. But if you have a special artisanal string winder made of precious wood, then changing guitar strings becomes a quick and enjoyable process.

Why don't you like changing strings so much!? Because you don't have a handcrafted string winder for changing strings. With such a winder, you will change the guitar strings with pleasure.

Give a gift to a loved one or yourself because giving gifts is very pleasant. Especially giving unique gifts. It's like a good wish materialized in the form of a special little thing.

Wood is a wonderful material that helps make each winder a little different and unique. Handwork multiplies this effect.

The artisan guarantees that during the creation of the string winder, only positive thoughts will be in mind. You need to collect good wishes at your fingertips and transfer them to the item being crafted throughout the entire manufacturing process.